First Person Singular

Original personal essays.

Dianne Jacob fondly recalls a troubled cousin who had a culinary flair.
Yi looks back on the lunch staple that marked her first meal in America, and served as something of a rite of passage.
Elizabeth Marcus parses her affection for a tattered nightgown she inherited from her colorful mother-in-law.
Jiadai Lin examines her relationship with her mother during the first month postpartum—a tender and sensitive time of healing in Chinese culture.
"It would be many years before I realized that no one was punishing me but me." An excerpt of "And You May Find Yourself..."—a memoir by Sari Botton.
Flávia Monteiro reflects on how being raised by a moody mother left her unable to tell real threats from imagined ones.
Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi considers what it means for his long widowed mother each time he departs for school.
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